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Is the Cloutzap App A Scam Or A Legit Online Earning App? 2023

CloutZap : Ever since the beginning of December 2021, a recently launched platform, called CloutZap, has been getting more than enough attention to itself. In recent years, many online earning platforms have emerged on the Internet, claiming to provide remote job opportunities to hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. These online platforms make numerous promises to people.

However, only a few can keep to their promises, while others just scam people by wasting their time, effort, and money, and later they vanish like they never existed. While you may be wondering what Cloutzap.Com may have done to be getting such huge attention, it should have occurred to you that this site(Clout Zap) is a money-making platform that has got irresistible and eye-bulging money offers.

That is why many people are hesitant and have completely refused to engage in any online earning scheme. Either they have had their past encounters as learning lessons, or one of their relatives or friends fell victim to one of the online earning platforms. Anyways, there has been a high demand for a thorough and easy to understand Cloutzap review. So we decided to do just that.

What Is CloutZap App?

Clout zap is an international survey website. It is free to register/join, and earning begins immediately. In CloutZap words, CloutZap has created quite a hype on the Internet by being the top influence earning network. Members literally get $35 Cloutzap.Com sign up bonus. The members are paid well to share the referral links. With them, anyone looking to increase their following can become a successful influencer within no time.

In simpler words, CloutZap is an online earning website claiming to allow its registered members to earn a lot of money by testing apps, taking surveys, and completing daily assigned tasks. However, that bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. More earnings will be needed before withdrawal can be made possible on the clout zap website. App is not available on steam and play store.

CloutZap Payment Proof

One of the best ways online earning platforms can gain people’s trust is by showing proof of success. For that purpose, CloutZap also does show proof of success by showing screenshots of payments made to a few registered members. Giveaways is probably the easiest way to make money on Clout Zap. You simply have to enter into an active giveaway.

However, unfortunately, people pointed out that these screenshots are fake as few of them were dated before the platform was even created. Therefore, the app might be scamming people by not paying them back for the referrals made, surveys submitted, and tasks completed. The income claims made for doing small tasks are too good to be true. If these online earning platforms were really paying people that much, no one would turn to their 9 to 5 jobs.

How To Download CloutZap App?

In recent years, scammers have become smarter and have their chains of websites to scam people. However, they don’t realize that people nowadays are more well-informed than before, thanks to the Internet. Therefore, these scammers do not pay much attention to minor details – keeping similar copywriting of all websites.

Although the website has provided no information regarding when they launched Cloutzap.Com, but we are certain that Clout Zap only began operations in the last month of 2021(December). This would mean that this site was only just launched days ago. Read and follow the following points carefully to know how to download CloutZap app.

Step-By-Step Process:

  • Open this website on your mobile or laptop.
  • After opening the website, scroll down till the end, and there you will find the logo of the CloutZap; there will be a download button just on the side.
  • You have to click on the download button, and the downloading will start automatically.
  • After the download, a download completion notification will appear on your phone.
  • You must install the CloutZap on your mobile phone or laptop by clicking the notification.
  • Remember to install the CloutZap after downloading is completed. Without an installed MOD APK, it will not work on your phone.

CloutZap App Real Or Fake

This is a very important question, and it is compulsory that all Clout Zap members know the answer to this question. If you have been thinking restlessly about Cloutzap.Com being legit or scam, well unfortunately Cloutzap is a scam. Keep reading the article to know more about CloutZap app. Further, we will also see reviews of CloutZap app.

Similar might be the case with CloutZap. Like scam websites, CloutZap also has no information available about the founders. However, it is not a big deal at all. Many business owners run their businesses without revealing much information about them. If you disagree with the fact that Cloutzap isn’t legit, then keep going around asking the question, Is Cloutzap legit or scam, this is the same answer you will keep getting. Clout Zap is a scam.

CloutZap App Review

It’s too rare to find authentic and legit websites to earn online these days. But, app is an authentic and legit website I’ve found so far. I would say I am happy with my personal experience with Cloutzap, it has by far been the easiest earning network I have ever been on. Cloutzap is a legit and best-earning app because I successfully withdraw more than three times and this is the easiest way to make money online They are always paying. They always support us. no any doubt about that. They are the best-earning platform on the internet. Thanks, I highly recommend it.

Hommos Basha Says – I have tried many ways to make money online, and this method is one of the great and tested methods. Also, app enjoys continuous support and answers questions and inquiries from users. They are really professionals. A great app, very easy to use. It may take some time to understand how it works, but when you know how it works!

Nancy Perez’s Review – Trying out something new and even for the first time might make one a bit skeptical but truly is the best website to make money out there on the internet. They actually pay, I got my payment. CloutZip is a legit app for earning money. Today I have just received payment. You can trust on this app. Thank you for this trusted app.

Raja Soomro – Based on numerous online reviews and discussions, appears to be a scam rather than a legitimate online earning app promises users unrealistic earning potentials, claiming they can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. This is a common tactic used by scam apps to lure users in.

Lack of Transparency : The app’s website and terms of service lack clarity and fail to provide clear information about how users will actually earn money. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the app’s legitimacy.

Negative User Reviews : Numerous online reviews and complaints from users indicate that they have not been able to withdraw any earnings from the app, despite completing tasks and reaching promised payout thresholds.


Nowadays, the Internet is full of scams. Even scammers these days have built professional quality websites with enhanced images. Therefore, it has become difficult for people to distinguish between fake and genuine websites. It has gained much popularity among adults these days for paying high rates for completing easy tasks.

However, what they don’t realize is that it can be another scam on the Internet. While it does not ask people to pay money for signing up like other scam websites, it does have fake payment proofs, no social media presence, and a few other red flags, raising a big question mark on the genuineness of the website. You must go ahead if you want to try this online earning platform. However, make sure not to invest too much of your time and money until you get your first payment withdrawn.

The app reportedly encourages users to make in-app purchases to boost their earnings, which is a common practice among scam apps. Lack of Customer Support : Users who have faced issues with the app report difficulty contacting customer support or receiving any meaningful assistance. Questionable Advertising Practices : CloutZap has been accused of using misleading and deceptive advertising practices to attract users, further reinforcing the belief that it is a scam.

This was all about the CloutZap. We hope you enjoyed reading our complete tutorial on CloutZap. At Apps Guru, we will add more news about the CloutZap . If you have any doubts regarding the CloutZap, please get in touch with us ASAP. We are here to help you. Stay connected to our website

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