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What Are The Best Android Apps For Earning Money In 2023

Best Android Apps For Earning Money : Everybody needs a few extra earning now and then. However, we’re not so foolish as to try to make you believe that you’ll earn a living sitting at home doing nothing. There are no apps that can make you that much money. However, we do know of a few that can make you a buck or two here and there. Over time, that can build up to enough to treat yourself to something nice or potentially even be a nice secondary income.

In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is looking for ways to earn money quickly and easily, mobile apps have emerged as a convenient solution. With the rise of smartphones and internet connectivity, there are now several money earning apps available in India that offer a range of opportunities to make money, from taking surveys to completing microtasks and even investing in stocks. Today, we will tell you the best android apps for earning money.

Please note, these are mostly ideas for small business owners, independent contractors, and those looking for a little passive income. These are not great ideas for full-time work. Google Opinion Rewards is a great app if all you want is a few extra money for apps or games on the Play Store. Read full article carefully to know the best android apps for earning money.

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Earning Money Online In 2023

These apps not only provide an additional source of income but also offer flexibility and convenience, allowing users to work from anywhere and at any time. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best money earning apps in India and explore how they can help you boost your income. You just have to read the full article to know the best android apps for earning money.

Some money earning apps may require you to complete tasks or take surveys in exchange for money or rewards, while others may involve investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies. It’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand the risks and potential rewards associated with using the app. Below mentioned are the best android apps for earning money,

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is one of the most trusted apps that is best android apps for earning money online. It is an entertainment app offering multiple options such as earning rewards for inviting friends, participating in contests, reading the news or latest updates, installing other apps, playing games, completing surveys, etc. Just like many other apps, Roz Dhan uses a Paytm wallet to credit your earnings. This app is translated from Hindi, which means daily money. Along with providing good entertainment, Roz Dhan provides all users with robust earning potential.

RozDhan is an app available in the Google Play which allows an user to earn coins by registering and completing simple tasks like reading news article, sharing the articles, inviting friends, playing games, etc. The coins are converted to rupees after midnight. The money can be withdrawn through PayTm when it reaches Rs. 200 in the users account.


Zupee is an app where you can earn money by playing games. In it, you’ll find several mini-games in which you can bet money. If you win, you can keep the jackpot from that game. It is one of the best apps for earning money by playing simple and easy games. When you open the app for the first time, you’ll receive a bonus of 10 rupees. With these 10 rupees, you can play a few times by making smaller bets, affecting the size of your potential winnings.

The platform generates money and keeps a part of the bet, so the final payout is not equal to the total amount of money contributed by the two players in each game. To play Zupee, you need to be in India since the app checks your location using GPS. After earning a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your bank account with instant transfers. So, if you want to win money by playing games, try downloading the Zupee APK.

Dream 11

The Indian fantasy sports market is booming, with a compound annual growth rate of 32 percent. Cricket continues to be the fan favorite sport in the country. Thus, when Dream11 became the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament in 2020, it cemented its status as the largest fantasy sports platform in India. Dream 11 is India’s biggest betting app.

One of the biggest mistakes fantasy players make is playing as many matches as they can, thinking the more matches, the more chances of winning This is not the case. You should only play selected matches you follow more closely. Avoid playing fantasy sports if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about a particular team or match. Dream 11 is the best android apps for earning money by making team.

Earn Karo

Swati Bhargava founded this app; she is the co-founder of CashKaro, one of India’s best cashback apps. Making money from EarnKaro is pretty easy as all you need to do is share deals with your friends and followers. You can switch your e-commerce link into EarnKaro links and share them on social media platforms. It is one of the best android apps for earning money by sharing links.

It is similar to the affiliate marketing programs, as here, you need to promote products and services listed on Earnkaro’s app and website. If someone shops using your link, you get your commission paid in cash. You can transfer this money into your bank account without any issue. Therefore, it is a very easy and simple method to make money for students, mothers, and homemakers.


Taurus is a lucrative app that compensates users for participating in several 5-minute games on the platform. The nicest aspect about Taurus is that there are no commercials, so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling your gameplay. The most commonly played game on the app is the Teen Patti card game which is also called as the Indian Poker. It is one of the best android apps for earning money by playing rummy games.

A variety of withdrawal options, including UPI and bank transfers, are available to players. You may ask your friends to become your affiliates by referring them to the Taurus App. Then, you can receive a commission of up to 30% of their earnings. You will also get a sign up bonus of Rs. 92 on creating an account to play the games. Also, for every cash deposit, you will get a cash bonus. Keep reading the article to know the best android apps for earning money.


PhonePe is the original UPI harbinger in India. Signing up with this app will offer you various cashback deals on specific payments and get you various cash rewards by referrals. The earned reward is directly credited to your bank account. Phone pe is the best android apps for earning money online by doing referrals. Keep reading the article to know the best android apps for earning money online.

PhonePe is considered to be one of the safest apps to make payments where seamless transactions take place at a faster rate. The cashback is earned on certain online payments, mobile or DTH recharge, electricity or water bill payments, etc. This payment merchant app is available on Android and iOS platforms.


WinZO Gold is an Indian app where you can earn money while playing the more than 100 games it offers. In addition, it has social networking and game verification features, thus eliminating the fraud, bots, and scams often found in social games. With over 100 games, winzo becomes one of the best android apps for earning money.

To play WinZO Gold, there are two modes: free and paid. In the free mode, you can play without paying, while in the paid mode, you can pay to participate in games that offer rewards in the form of real money. This money, if won legally in the game, will immediately appear on your account, after which you can use it to continue playing or withdraw it.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The Amazon Affiliate program, or Amazon Associates, is an affiliate marketing program. It’s free for website owners and bloggers to become Amazon Associates. They advertise products from on their sites by creating links. When customers click the links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It is one of the best android apps for earning money online which can be found on amazon’s official app.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing tactic where an online retailer gives niche website owners the ability to create unique product links (called affiliate links). The website owners must promote the link; in exchange, when someone visits the link and makes a purchase, the website owner automatically receives commission. As an affiliate, you only make money once the link is used in a transaction.

Pocket Money

You can earn extra money with Pocket Money app by locating well-liked and lucrative offers, doing tasks, watching films, and participating in tombola. They provide a referral program as well, which pays out Rs. 10 for each referral. The app’s user interface is really simple and updated often with fresh deals. It is also one of the best android apps for earning money online.

It’s not even necessary to establish an ID or password to register on the app. Various types of offers can be found on the app, including high-paying offers, time-sensitive offers, gaming offers, quizzes, etc. You must perform certain tasks for each category, such as downloading applications, completing survey forms, playing games, or recommending apps to your contacts to earn cash.


There is an endless number of online platforms, websites, apps, and tools that can help you make money online. However, we all know that there is no quick way of making money online. But today I will tell you how you can earn money online by just sharing a link with your friends. In this post, you will learn about the Upstox referral program where you can earn money online just by referring to your friends and circle.

Upstox is a popular trading platform offered by RKSV securities that helps you trade in the Indian stock market. Upstox is one of India’s fastest-growing discount brokers with over 2 million customers. It is good for traders who look for high margins with low brokerages. It offers a single platform for stocks, ETFs, IPOs, MFs, gold, and more. Upstox is the best android apps for earning money online.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned best android apps for earning money online in India are some of the best in the market, offering users a range of opportunities to earn money. Whether you’re looking to take surveys, complete microtasks, or invest in stocks, there’s an app out there for you. These apps not only provide a source of additional income but also offer flexibility and convenience, making it easier for users to work on their own terms.

This was all about the Best android apps for earning money. At Apps Guru, we will add more news about the Best android apps for earning money. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with us ASAP. We are here to help you. Stay connected to our website for further updates.

People Also Ask :

Which is No 1 earning app?

Dream 11, Upstox, EarnKaro, MPL are some genuine earning apps.

Does Zupee pay real money?

Yes. You can withdraw real cash from money winning apps like Zupee.

Does WinZO really give real money?

Yes. Winzo is a genuine and trusted online earning platform.

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