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Appsguru is an app guide and information-related site where you get to discover new apps regularly. Along with their detailed information, the pros and cons are also explained. Many useful underrated apps do not reach the general audience.

You will get to see the work of promoting them and guiding them daily from Appsguru. In our busy lives, we often miss a lot of tech news which is very informative, Appsguru will keep you updated with that too.

Our Aim

Our aim is spread knowledge regarding various apps that are underrated and might not known by many peoples. We want to help people by giving them list of apps for their task, by giving them a detailed analysis and info about the particular app.


Prateek Mavani : I have been working in tech field for almost 8 years. I love working on apps and technology and I have a lot of knowledge about it. Before writing all the articles, I do deep research so that the audience can get genuine and relevant knowledge. There are many such apps on the internet which can make our life much easier, but we are not aware of them. Through our website and our content, we will try to keep you updated with the latest technology.